BIG Dreams - EP

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Big Dreams - EP


Big Dreams - Single


Trouble Bubble - Single

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Can high sensitivity be combined with pop music?

On his debut EP "Big Dreams" Kassel-based singer/songwriter Ma Fleur shows how it works. He manages to cover a spectrum of intimate moments of inner fragility, catchy hooks and an expressive production.

In his lyrics Ma Fleur talks about the highs and lows of post adolescence. On “Big Dreams” particularly formative experiences provide the starting point. The five songs refer to ruthless self-doubt, the difficult search for identity but also great passion and confidence. They form a picture that combines fears and uncertainties with the urgent desire to discover new horizons.

Out of almost one hundred compositions only five songs that have preserved their timeliness and their personal value were chosen for "Big Dreams". The songs each depict the essence of one year. Despite the very personal touch they are not a one-way road. Quite the contrary! They bear cryptic and ambiguous features and thus provide a surface for individual projection. Therefore, they also reflect a songwriting process that has matured over the years. The pointed production adds to the uncompromising mediation between introvert songwriting and pop appeal that makes “Big Dreams” so special.